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Looking for a new experience, for a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Getyour hands on Airow kites, and you won’t want to let go. Airow kites are made for a real-kite performance, both for kids and adults. They fit the needs of beginners and serious pilots. These are great performing kites, which are easy to control and fly. When it comes to durability, our models top the list. All kites are made of materials for durable use, with simplicity and usability in mind. Easy to fold and transport in a carrying bag with no hassle. 

OUR RANGE focuses on quality

Eye-catching, easy to fly and assemble         Right to feel the power of the wind     Highly stable even in gusty wind conditions


Give your children a joyful experience. Our kites are made from material for durable use. All kites come with carrying bags and a manual. Easy to store, take with you, and use. Your kid will like to play with the kites in an open area, a beach, or a park. Simply get a kite pointed into the wind and it starts flying.

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Kids Kite - 3D Dragonfly

$37.45 excl tax

Kids Kite - Delta Mini

$10.81 excl tax

Kids Kite - Parrot

$30.79 excl tax

Kids Kite - Pirate

$20.80 excl tax

Kids Kite - Princess

$20.80 excl tax