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Playmobil - Dino Rise - Double Defence Power

$139.69 incl tax
Equipped with functioning cannons, and removable armor. Figure can ride the Spinosaurus.


With its razor-sharp teeth, the Spinosaurus is one of the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs. But this Spinosaurus is no ordinary dinosaur, but something very special. Since he was freed from Dino Rock, he and his friends Samu and Ayla are fighting side by side against the perfidious fighting machines that try to destroy everything. Thanks to Uncle Rob's clever fighting equipment, the Spinosaurus also has a special protective armour and firing cannons that make him even more dangerous. Will the combined power of the human-Spinosaurus team be able to stop the robots from destroying nature?

 Ages 5yrs+. Distributed in New Zealand by Holdson.

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