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Puzzling Your Self Health 2

Puzzling Your Self Health 2

We’re halfway through this series and although we already knew how good puzzling is; we love that we get to share the great news with you! Puzzling is fun to do; it has health benefits beyond puzzling the last piece! Did you know….

 To successfully piece together a jigsaw puzzle, both sides of the brain are used. The left brain uses logic and identifies sequences which help to separate and sort the jigsaw pieces. The right brain, our creative side, sees the ‘big picture’ and works intuitively to create the finished image.   

 As both sides of the brain are being exercised, puzzling helps to reinforce neural connections between both sides of our brain. It also helps to increase the production of new connections between our brain cells which in-turn improves mental speed and is an excellent way to improve short-term memory.

 Puzzling improves a whole range of neural functions: hand eye co-ordination, problem solving skills, attention to detail and visual spatial reasoning (where objects are in space) short-term memory, brain productivity AND can also help to raise our IQ.

Whether you puzzle with co-workers, friends and family or to enjoy a little ‘me time’ jigsaw puzzles really are good for the mind, body and soul!! If you haven’t had a go yet, it’s never too late to start! Puzzle yourself health with a Holdson puzzle today.

Happy Puzzling Mindfulness from the Holdson Team

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