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Sylvanian Families - Baby Amusement Park

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Sylvanian Families babies have a wonderful day at the amusement park. There are 4 universes to discover: the marine world, the space world, the magical world and the celestial world. Crank the cranks to spin the Ferris wheel and rock the boat to the rhythm of the waves. Babies love the rocket that soars to the stars and circling the park in the wagons. Open the castle roof door and admire the view from the balcony! You can place up to 30 babies at the back of the playpen. Come play with us! Includes 4 baby figures dressed in pajamas to put on and take off at will. Included: 1 cream baby bunny figurine, 1 baby panda figurine, 1 baby Persian cat figurine, 1 amusement park with 1 base and 1 castle roof, 1 flag, 3 hot-air balloon baskets, 1 rocket basket, 1 boat basket, 2 wagons, 1 star shooting, 1 wave. Part of the Sylvanian Families collection - Baby Amusement Park . Ages 3+. Distributed in New Zealand by Holdson.

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